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Biography – Françoise Morissette M.Ed., P.C.C.

Françoise has been a Faculty Member at Queen’s University’s prestigious Industrial Relations Centre since 1994, and was made a Fellow in 2006 (www.industrialrelationscentre.com). She has played a key role in developing and implementing a suite of new OD programs intended for practitioners, which are delivered all across Canada.

As a consultant, Françoise is a major contributor to the field of Organizational Development. Her consulting practice takes her all over the country and internationally.

She offers services that enhance the performance of organizations, teams and individuals. Her main area of expertise is Leadership Development; through a variety of interventions, Françoise helps leaders, organizations and communities enhance their leadership capacity. Fluent in both official languages, Francoise is in high demand, and has presented at major conferences across the country and abroad.

With HR expert Amal Henein, CHRP, she has written Made in Canada Leadership, published by John Wiley and Sons, Canada in May 2007. The book is the product of a large research task on best practices in leadership excellence and development, featuring the wisdom of 295 exceptional leaders and 66 leadership development professionals from all sectors of the economy and regions of the country. It has now become a Canadian top ten bestselling business book and has received many accolades. The authors are now moving forward with the implementation of the book’s recommendations: a National Leadership Strategy, a National Leadership Institute, broader access to mentoring for children and adults, and practical leadership education in schools at all levels. For more information, visit www.leadership-canada.com

In 2008, Françoise was made a Fellow of the prestigious Wallace McCain Institute for business leadership, whose mission is to expand the leadership capacity of New Brunswick most promising entrepreneurs. This initiative constitutes a cornerstone of the province’s vision and strategic plan for an autonomous, sustainable and prosperous future. For more information, visit www.wallacemccaininstitute.com

Françoise sits on the editorial advisory board for HR Professional, the bi-monthly publication of the HRPA, and on the advisory board of Peak Performance International, a consultancy firm researching and reinforcing the links between employee engagement and leadership effectiveness.