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Career Planning & Self-Assessment

Overview: With the rise in work-life conflict in today’s workplace (see Duxbury report, 2003), it is vital to have a current career plan which aligns your strengths, values, motivators, needs and interests with your roles at work and outside of work. This training program enables participants, through a variety of self assessment exercises, to crystallize what is most important to them at their career/life stage, examine evolving trends and needs, both within their own workplace and the general marketplace, and then develop a career plan to enhance current and longer term career/life satisfaction.

Intended Audience: Employees at all levels

Course Duration: One Day

Methodology for Delivery: A variety of self assessment exercises integrated with small group and one-on-one discussions. Instructor provides guidance and helps with interpretation of results.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn how to identify achievements, strengths and transferable skills
  • Clarify most important values and examine congruence of values to daily activities
  • Verify underlying motivational value system and preferred working environment
  • Identify de-motivators and job related activities which could lead to dissatisfaction and personal distress
  • Gain insight into personality preferences and implications for career roles
  • Increase knowledge of workplace trends and needs, inside and outside the organization, as well as implications for career fit
  • Develop realistic career goals which will be integrated into a personalized career plan

Expected Results:

  • Enhanced knowledge of key motivators, de-motivators, values, needs, interests, strengths and transferable skills
  • Insights into alignment with current roles, including ways to improve fit
  • A compelling career plan which forms the basis for further action
  • Understanding of the 3 key stages of effective career planning as well as the vital steps at each stage
  • Understanding of current organizational and workplace trends
  • Increased confidence in being able to articulate “value-add”, goals and career direction