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Change Leadership

Strategic change leadership – bridging the gulf between “resistance” and commitment

Research shows that over 2/3 of all change initiatives fail. A big reason is the “disconnect” between those pushing for change, and everyone else. Robert presents a proven model for turning employee apathy and resistance into understanding and commitment. He highlights 5 key strategies that are simple to implement, and highly successful, but invariably neglected by organizations. Robert will make linkages to workplace examples of change success.

Strategies to motivate and manage during change

During times of constant change, managers often feel like the “ham in the sandwich”. Not only are they personally dealing with the challenges of change, but they must also manage and motivate others who are struggling to succeed. Robert presents a dynamic model demonstrating how to “transition” during change. The audience learns how to motivate “the unmotivated”, improve morale, and achieve results exceeding expectations, through a lively, experiential and insightful presentation.

Strategic change communications – how to plan and deliver compelling change news

All of us, at some point in our lives, have to deliver difficult messages. Most of us dread what reaction this will cause in our audience and the implications to our own integrity and credibility. Robert presents a simple yet highly innovative 4-part model for planning, designing and then delivering difficult news. This model has been used by hundreds of Robert’s clients with outstanding results. It can be applied for large-scale communication efforts during organizational change, small-group presentations, or one-on-one meetings.

Inform, involve, ignite! – the 3 “ i’s” of change leadership:

People can’t do what they don’t understand. People can’t do well what they have no involvement in. And people won’t do what they have no commitment to. Far too often, organizational leaders get far too focused on designing a good change plan, and then pay little attention to engaging people in this plan. As a result, many change initiatives fail. Robert speaks about how to ignite your employees and other stakeholders in taking joint accountability for change success.

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