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“Change Leadership” Keynotes for Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Energy Sectors Coming in Spring 2014

Robert Harris continues to support public and private sector clients deal with the challenges of ongoing and significant change.    Robert illustrates key principles as outlined in his book – Change Leadership: Inform, Involve, Ignite! – to help clients succeed in their change initiatives.  Robert uses real workplace examples based on his experience, that allow participants to grasp “HOW” to make change work.   This is the key – most keynote speakers address the “What”, Robert teaches the How!

Robert also presents on other important business topics that define today’s workplace.   For example:

In February 2014, Robert will be speaking at a front line national conference teaching Store Managers how to succeed at change while ensuring productivity and morale for employees and customers.

In March 2014, Robert will be speaking on Leading Change to leaders in the energy sector who are struggling with a quickly evolving and deregulated industry.

In May, 2014, Robert will be speaking to the retail (food) industry on Collaborative Negotiations – Moving from “Adversaries” to Partners

In June, 2014, Robert presents at a national academic conference on “Influence Without Authority”.

In September, 2014, Robert will be presenting at a large public sector leadership conference on “Holding a Difficult Conversation” and “Coaching for Results”.    This presentation is one that Robert regularly delivers at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government.

Robert continues to “push the envelope” in his role as a thought leader and business professional.

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