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Coaching & Consulting Services

Coaching: Our team includes several certified coaches with significant experience in providing coaching and mentoring services. We are on the master coaching roster for several client organizations. Our coaching encompasses performance management, leadership development, and career planning. We follow a coaching process that allows “coaches” to develop the skills, knowledge and insights critical to their career and organizational success.

Team building: We have strong team building and facilitation expertise. Over the past decade we have worked with numerous client groups who wished to improve departmental or cross-departmental functioning. We have helped teams with goal clarification, conflict resolution, as well as clarifying decision making processes, roles and responsibilities.

Strategic Planning: Our facilitators are adapt at working with leaders and senior executives in determining mission, vision, values and the needed strategic plan to achieve organizational success.

Leadership Development: We are very knowledgeable and experienced in helping organizations identify and develop their leaders. We are very experienced in working individually in providing assessment and growth opportunities. We also help organizations measure and grow their leadership capabilities. As part of our services, we can design and implement mentoring programs to ensure the necessary knowledge transfer and business capabilities necessary for sustainable success.