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Conflict Management for Managers

Intended Audience: Supervisors/managers with direct reports.
Duration: One Day

This course is differentiated from the Conflict Management for Staff program such that, in the management version, we explore the additional challenges that managers have in “mediating” disputes of others, along with using a variety of different conflict approaches to meet the varying situations that might arise.

In essence the manager must be able to operate as an effective 3rd party mediator in facilitating the resolution of conflicts within the team, as well as dealing with his or her own conflicts. We also examine unique influencing strategies and techniques to resolve conflicts and foster understanding and commitment. Participants engage in resolving conflicts and disputes based on actual workplace issues and challenges.

Methodology for Delivery: Highly interactive and experiential using adult learning techniques. Cases, role plays, group discussions, exercises, dialogue. Practice sessions applying learnings to workplace conflict situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight into the root causes of conflict.
  • Learn strategies for resolving and/or preventing the escalation of conflict
  • Learn reframing and other Interest-based techniques for moving past disagreement
  • Gain insight into different approaches to conflict management, as well as one’s preferred manner of resolving conflict
  • Learn how to conduct an effective conflict meeting, including preparing for the meeting, remaining in the role of “mediator”, and bringing the process towards effective resolution.
  • Learn how to deal effectively with difficult or problematic behaviours
  • Apply conflict management techniques to cases and real workplace issues

Overview of One-Day Program:

Module One – What Causes Conflict / Taking an “Interests” Approach

Participant introductions and learning needs (i.e. actual workplace conflicts)
Understanding the sources of conflict and how we respond
Moving from positions to interests / Reframing
Holding a “conflict conversation” – PODS
Case / Role Play

Module Two – Mediating the Conflict of Others

Understanding the Role of the Mediator
Planning for the conflict discussion
Opening the discussion / Guidelines and groundrules
Dealing with problematic behavior
Case / Role Play

Module Three – Situational Mastery / Using your Conflict Toolkit

Using your communication tools (Conflict “Toolkit)
Flexing your tools based on situational needs
Application of toolkit to real workplace situations and conflict (group exercise)

Module Four – Applications to workplace / Shared learning

Revisiting learning needs and determining solutions
Stop / Start / Continue

Expected Results / Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this one day program, participants will have learned:

  • What causes conflict (i.e. sources of conflict) and appropriate strategies for resolving
  • Increased ways to de-escalate conflict earlier on
  • Knowledge of “interest-based” techniques for working through disagreement and reaching consensus and commitment
  • Insight into how to set up and conduct a conflict meeting, including how to mediate the dispute of others
  • Increased skills and effectiveness in key conflict management techniques including “opening”, reframing, probing, listening and asking effective questions
  • Insight into one’s preferred approach to resolution