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CUSTOMIZED LEARNING in Change Leadership

Robert Harris uses his proven simulation – Engaging Others During Times of Change – to teach change management skills that replicate the actual change needs of the client. In 2012, Robert used this simulation to teach managers, project leaders, and senior executives of industry leaders within the financial services, retail, mining, high technology, consulting and public sectors.

The simulation can be done in a one or two day format, and is constructed in two parts:  Part One – Planning and Communicating Change;  and Part Two – Engaging Others in Change / Succeeding at Implementation. Part One provides the change environment and illustrates the challenges facing the change leaders.  Participants must identify key stakeholders and their level of commitment to the change, and prescribe actions for lessening resistance.   Part two requires participants to work in teams and identify a sequencing of actions that would enable the implementation to succeed. Teams must determine what to do, when to do it, and what not to do that would cause the change to fail.

With minimal customizing, the simulation can be tailored to the actual change being faced by the client organization. Teams start with a 20% level of acceptance to the change and, by taking effective actions, must move that barometer to 75% or higher. Team results can easily be scored and a debrief follows the simulation explaining the rationale for change actions.

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