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Dealing Effectively with Change

Targeted Audience: All Staff (note: this course is intended primarily for staff / non-supervisors and is offered in either a ½ day or full day format. Can also be titled Coping with Change, Thriving on Change, and other titles)

Purpose of Course: Ongoing change continues to perplex employees as organizations try to cope with limited resources, conflicting priorities and demands, time pressures, and generally the need to do more with less. Employees are concerned about achieving necessary business goals while at the same time preserving quality of life – both personal and professional.

Learning Objectives: This course gives employees both the knowledge and tools to maintain their personal effectiveness during times of change.

Participants will learn:

  • The 3 types of resistance to change and how to overcome
  • Differentiating ‘Change’ from ‘Transition’
  • A 4 stage model of personal transition that allows individuals to become more positive and effective during change
  • Effective coping and support strategies including how to do more with less, maintaining morale and a sense of wellness, increasing confidence in one’s competence, effective career actions and strategies, reducing stress, maintaining personal esteem, and staying motivated
  • Application of learnings to actual workplace related change issues
  • Innovative solutions and activities for effectively dealing with real change challenges
  • Method of Instruction: The course in highly interactive and engaging, based on adult learning principles. The instructor uses a variety of exercises, cases, and actual workplace scenarios to ensure job relevance. Participants get a change to work in small groups in examining workplace change challenges.

Course Outline:


  • Participant learning expectations / course overview
  • Change Exercise — Normalizing Resistance to Change
  • Understanding Change and Transition – 4 Stage Transition Model
  • Support Strategies for Enhancing Personal Effectiveness during Change
  • Case study – Dealing with Change
  • Application to Workplace Issues and Challenges


  • Mini-group problem solving sessions – Reducing stress, coping with continuous change, improving communications, initiating effective job and career strategies, maintaining personal esteem and wellness, building team support
  • The “Change Game” — Leveraging 4 Levels of Change Effectiveness
  • Personal Action Plan: Stop/Start/Continue
  • Course summary and closure