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Effective Change Management & Communications

Overview: During times of change, managers face a challenging  job during times of change in achieving needed business results while maintaining positive staff relations and personal credibility. Many times, managers struggle with the dual challenge of dealing with their own change-related issues while  helping with staff change issues.

This program focuses on maintaining morale and productivity, achieving business goals with existing resources, communicating effectively, and overcoming resistance while building buy-in and commitment.

Learning Objectives: This course provides managers with practical tools and models to effectively plan, implement, and communicate change.

Participants will learn:

  • The four key fundamentals predicating change success or failure (D,V,F,R), including how managers can take appropriate actions in building these fundamentals
  • A 4-stage transition model which identifies where employees are at and what employees need during change
  • Effective transition management strategies to help employees move from resistance toward acceptance and commitment to change
  • Applications of the transition model to real workplace issues
  • A strategic influencing and communications model to move past employee resistance and foster buy-in and commitment
  • Practice in developing and presenting compelling change communications on real workplace change initiatives
  • Practical strategies for maintaining productivity and morale, developing shared ownership of change initiatives, and sustaining momentum and team energy to ensure change success
  • Method of Instruction: The course is highly interactive, based on adult learning principles. The instructor uses a variety of exercises, cases, and workplace scenarios to ensure job relevance.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding Change Fundamentals (D,V,F,R)
  • Differentiating Change from Transition
  • Identifying and Working with the 3 Levels of Resistance
  • Effective Transition Management Strategies
  • Case Study – Managing Change during Turbulent Times


  • Strategic Change Communications – 4 step Influencing Model
  • Mini-group session – Developing and presenting effective change communications
  • Applications to workplace change initiatives
  • Strategies for building involvement and fostering inclusiveness
  • Participant Action Plan: Stop/Start/Continue

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