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Effective Conflict Resolution

This program provides participants with learning in three (3) key areas relevant to conflict resolution (i) process: you will learn a 4 step program for planning for difficult conflict conversations (ii) tools: you will learn 7 communication tools of varying “strengths” that can be used in any conflict situations and (iii) style tendencies: you will learn what triggers your conflict and how you typically react, as well as ways to adjust your approach to de-escalate the conflict.

Methodology for Delivery: A mixture of theory and practice to give participants the skills and knowledge for resolving disagreements and conflict. Exercises, cases, role plays, and group discussion all based on sound adult learning principles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the prime sources of conflict and how people typically react
  • Gain insight into functional and dysfunctional approaches to conflict
  • Learn how to preserve the relationship with others while working through disagreements
  • Gain insight into one’s preferred conflict style;
  • Learn how to move to a collaborative approach as appropriate
  • Develop practical strategies and techniques for diffusing conflict
  • Learn how to deal with difficult personalities and situations often involving aggressive behaviours.

Expected Results:

  • Increased understanding of the different approaches to conflict
  • Learn effective and dysfunctional ways of handling disagreements
  • Learn how to move past blockages with others and get “unstuck”
  • Knowledge of a practical step by step approach to finding “win-win” solutions
  • Significantly increased understanding and ability with the range of appropriate techniques and tools for resolving conflict
  • Increased awareness of one’s own approach to conflict and the typical conflict styles of others
  • Insights in how course learning can be applied to actual conflict situations in the workplace