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Robert Harris now certified in “Crucial Conversations”

We are pleased to present our “Holding a Difficult Conversation” course. In February 2011, Robert completed his certification in this highly important subject; that is, how to hold difficult conversations when emotions run strong, opinions differ, and the stakes are high.   This highly impactful program is the product of excellent research and development from Vital Smarts Inc.   Robert has delivered training for over 15 years in such topics as Conflict Resolution, Influencing Skills, Communications, but wanted to add this critical competency – how to hold “crucial conversations”.   More often than not, crucial conversations are the result of people either not holding important conversations, or not holding them well.    Vital Smarts notes that most people resort to “silence or violence” when emotions come into play.   For many of us, we simply internalize our frustrations until something triggers a very emotional reaction.  Other people immediately assert but in a dysfunctional way that leads to very poor outcomes.




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