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Influence Without Authority

Overview: In this very busy and demanding work world, colleagues at all levels are trying to gain understanding and commitment to important programs, policies, procedures, and new initiatives. This involves interactions with other departments and work units, external stakeholders, and others of differing levels of authority and power. In effect, employees are seeking an effective working ‘partnership’ and shared ownership, rather than having to force compliance on others (regardless of whether or not they have the legitimate authority to do so). The bottom line is that a compliance mentality will not achieve the required results.

This program provides participants for a structured approach to enhancing one’s credibility and influencing effectiveness with clients, employees and other stakeholders. The course provides a 3 part process (Plan/Partner/Persuade) with skill building and practice at each stage of the process, in how to effectively influence others. Influencing tools and techniques are applied to actual workplace barriers and challenges. Participants learn how to develop “connectedness”, overcome resistance and gain commitment.

Duration: One Day

Intended Audience: This program is useful for any employee who has responsibility, but not absolute power, in being able to demand results. This could include project managers, support departments including IT, HR, Finance, etc, as well as managers and employees who need the support of other departments and stakeholders to achieve their business results.

Participants will learn:

  • The 3 primary ways to influence others (Power/Rights/Interests) as well as when and how to most effectively use these 3 strategies.
  • A 3 part structured overall process (Plan/Partner//Persuade) for moving past resistance and getting commitment from others.
  • A 4 step persuasion model which is applied to actual workplace influencing challenges.
  • Techniques for dealing, on-the-spot, which difficult challenges which threaten influencing success
  • Applications of all tools and techniques to actual workplace challenges
  • An action plan for applying back on the job

Method of Instruction: The workshop in highly interactive and engaging, based on adult learning principles, and uses a variety of exercises and actual workplace scenarios to ensure job relevance.