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Influencing and Negotiating

Collaborative negotiating – moving from opposition to interests

Externally with clients and customers – and internally with colleagues – we have to find ways to move past disagreement and get commitment to important goals and business needs. Power-based negotiating is guaranteed to fail over the longer term, since power imbalances will shift over time. Instead, professionals understand the importance of being consultative and interest-based in their approach. Robert presents the secrets to “collaborative” negotiating, demonstrating how to achieve positive substantive and relationship outcomes. He highlights new ways of solving old problems.

Strategic influencing – how to get buy-in and commitment

Most people influence the wrong way. Instead of highlighting benefits and opportunities, Robert provides a very innovative yet practical way to influence and communicate to others in a way that guarantees better results. Leaders and managers struggle with how to get others to see their point of view and engage key stakeholders. Robert will provide workplace examples of how leaders make mistakes that result in increased apathy and distrust from those who must be onside. Robert will also illustrate examples of his 4 step Strategic Influencing process that causes people to rethink and re-do what they typically do. This strategic influencing process can be replicated when participants wish to formulate their influencing strategies for gaining commitment to real workplace challenges.

Persuasive communications – connecting with what matters most to others

People tend to present and persuade from their point of view. Invariably we don’t get the results we need – in fact, neither party is pleased. We have to reverse that by understanding and conveying what matters most to others. The question becomes, what does matter most? Robert presents the 4 motivational levers that must be communicated for people to buy-in. Robert provides practical ways you can quickly understand the motivations of others and shape your presentation or communication accordingly, while still be authentic and honest. The reality is – people connect with people who connect with them! This presentation is innovative and intriguing – and could significantly improve your results.

Influence without authority

Today, more than ever, we must be able to work collaboratively both inside and outside the organization. It is dangerous and counterproductive to wield power, even if we have it. Resorting to authority no longer works in today’s economy. More typically, we lack absolute power or authority to mandate our solution. Instead, we must positively influence others in order to achieve important outcomes. Robert explains proven tools and techniques to influence “down”, “up” and “out”, and how you can apply these in your organization.

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