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Interest-Based Problem Solving & Negotiation

Intended Audience:

  • Any employee or manager who is required to influence, persuade, negotiate, and/or achieve consensus among diverse stakeholders and parties.
  • Applicable where and individual wishes to achieve agreement and consensus among differing perspectives and needs.
  • Relevant for negotiating and problem solving with both internal and external constituents.
  • Also, relevant to managers wanting to foster improved employee relations

Duration: One or Two Days

Methodology for Delivery: Highly interactive and experiential using a variety of cases, exercises, role plays, small problem solving groups, dialogue and practice. Flip charts, brief video, small table groups wil also be used. Based on adult learning principles

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn how to conduct interest-based negotiations and problem solving using a structured six step process.
  • Learn how to reframe positions of interests as a means of getting “unstuck” and moving forward.
  • Learn skills for taking an interest-based approach when the other side prefers to resort to power.
  • Learn key question and listening skills vital to the interest-based approach.
  • Gain insight into typical negotiating / problem solving styles and approaches.
  • Apply skills to real workplace situations

Expected Results:

  • Learn how to undertake and apply the interest-based approach.
  • Learn how to deal with power imbalances while maintaining an interest-based approach.
  • Knowledge and practice with negotiating and resolving contentious issues
  • Insight into one’s preferred approach, including how to flex one’s style appropriately to achieve required outcomes
  • Practice in working with multi-party interests
  • Learn how to negotiate solutions which move parties from compliance to commitment