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Internal Consulting & Partnering Skills

Overview: In this very busy and demanding work world, colleagues at all levels are trying to gain understanding and commitment to important programs, policies, procedures, and new initiatives. This involves interactions with other departments and work units, external stakeholders, and others of differing levels of authority and power.

In effect, internal consultants seek an effective working ‘partnership’ and shared ownership, rather than having to force compliance on others. The bottom line is that a compliance mentality will not achieve the required results.

Duration: One Day

This program focuses on how to partner and move up the “strategic pyramid” in demonstrating value-add. Participants learn practical and proven skills and tools to influence and gain buy-in without having to resort to other less effective approaches. Influencing tools and techniques are applied to actual workplace barriers and challenges. Participants learn how to develop “connectedness”, overcome resistance and gain commitment.

Participants will learn:

  • The 3 primary ways to influence others (Power/Rights/Interests) as well as when you would and wouldn’t use these strategies.
  • A 4-stage Strategic Influencing Model which helps clients, line managers, and other stakeholders move from resistance to commitment to important polices and initiatives.
  • Ways to move up the ‘Strategic Consulting Pyramid’ and thereby be more effective in working relationships with all authority levels
  • On-the-spot techniques for dealing with difficult consulting challenges which threaten forward progress
  • Applications of all tools and techniques to actual workplace challenges
  • An action plan for applying back on the job

Method of Instruction: The workshop in highly interactive and engaging, based on adult learning principles, and uses a variety of exercises and actual workplace scenarios to ensure job relevance. A Consulting Skills toolkit is provided as a job aid.