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Interview & Resume Writng Skills

Overview: This course is a very practical and hands on program which helps employees understand and apply the rudiments of effective resume writing and interviewing. The first part of the program overviews types of resumes (chronological, functional, hybrid) including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Participants will be able to identify the resume format that would work best for them. Using a template provided, participants then craft a resume highlighting their key strengths and achievements.

The second part of the course reviews effective preparation, delivery and follow-up when interviewing. We examine different types of interview questions and how best to respond with an emphasis on behavioural based interview questions, and situational questions. Participants get an opportunity in small groups to practice interviewing and responding to questions.

Duration: One Day

Who should attend: All employees and managers

Course Description:

  • How to identify key strengths and successes that need to be part of both the resume and subsequent interviews
  • The 3 primary types of resumes and when to use what
  • How to develop a high impact resume
  • The “do’s and don’ts” of proper resume formatting
  • How to prepare for interviews
  • How to handle difficult questions and deal with nervousness when interviewing
  • An effective structured format to respond to behavioural based interview questions