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Interview Skills

Overview: This course prepares participants to more effectively handle interviews, including what to do before, during and after the interview. Participants will be able to apply course information to real workplace positions for which they may wish to be interviewed. We discuss such interviewing challenges as dealing with difficult questions, minimizing nervousness, how to best answer questions, preparing effectively prior to an interview, and closing the interview.

We explore the different types of interview questions today including situational (hypothetical), behavioural and competency-based. We also explore how best to interview within a panel interview setting.

Throughout the course, participants are able to engage in role plays and practice interviewing. In addition, depending on the circumstances, video tape can be used to enhance learning. The course uses a variety of tools and exercises and is taught with adult learning principles.
Intended Audience: Employees at all levels

Duration: One Day (note: can be done as ½ day when combined with ½ day Resume Writing skills)

Methodology for Delivery: Highly interactive and experiential using real workplace situations and positions. Significant opportunity to practice and role play, including feedback from instructor and other participants. Participants get a chance to work in small groups to practice interviewing

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn effective actions to improve interviewing success, during, pre- and post-interview
  • Learn the types of interview questions most likely to be asked as well as their appropriate methods of response
  • Learn strategies to minimize nervousness, forgetfulness, and inappropriate behaviours within an interview situation
  • Learn how to respond effectively to difficult interview questions
  • Learn what and how to ask of the interviewer(s)
  • Learn how to best interact in a panel interview setting
  • Learn how to anticipate actual interview questions based on a real workplace job posting
  • Gain confidence in the ability to articulate successes, strengths and transferable skills within an interview situation
  • Learn how to effectively close an interview
  • Learn how to recognize and respond to situational, behavioural and competency based interview questions
  • Gain insight into what employers most look for in prospective employees (based on study from Conference Board of Canada

Expected Results:

  • Increased confidence to effectively express and “sell” oneself within an interview situation
  • Improved skills on how to respond to behavioural and competency based questions in a structured and effective manner, which clearly demonstrates strengths, skills and accomplishments.
  • Strategies to improve likelihood of interviewing success including how to minimize forgetfulness, nervousness, and inappropriate behaviours (i.e. gestures, fidgeting, etc.).
  • Skills in being able to identify and pinpoint key requirements in a job posting and how that likely translates into interview questions
  • Actions which will increase overall effectiveness pre, during and post-interview
  • Confidence in clearly articulating accomplishments and linking to interview questions