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Leadership and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Manage your strengths / maximize your results:

Moving forward in 2014, nothing is more critically cited to leadership effectiveness than properly using your strengths. Jack Zenger, in his compelling book, “Extraordinary Leadership” points out that moving one core competency from the middle to the top of your leadership group, can raise your overall effectiveness by 30%. In this insightful presentation, Robert explores ways to identify and elevate your use of strengths to get better results. Robert explains how we frequently under use strengths that need to used more, or overdo strengths such that these strengths lose their effectiveness. Additionally, participants can explore their own personalize “strengths profile” and how they can redeploy certain strengths to achieve better outcomes.

Enhancing individual and team effectiveness

Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) as the basis for individual and group understanding, Robert helps participants develop insights into strengths, motivators, de-motivators, values and needs. This session tends to be both fun and insightful as participants gain insights and knowledge that can provide benefits both in their work and personal lives.

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