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Robert Harris, in partnership with Personal Strengths Canada Inc., uses the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) assessment tool, and its companion suite of tools, to enhance individual and team effectiveness. In 2012, the SDI was the cornerstone of Robert’s practice, as he worked with staff, managers, and C-suite executives to enhance organizational capabilities.    This will continue throughout 2013.

Contemporary research has concluded that, while fixing weaknesses is important, building strengths almost triples the impact on individual and organizational results.  In the past 12 months, Robert has delivered programs throughout Canada and internationally, using the Strength Deployment Inventory as the foundation for enhancing organizational capabilities.

This included:

  • Worked with a newly formed executive team responsible for regulating a multi-million dollar industry, who needed to quickly synergize;
  • Helped the senior management team of an international medical products business significantly eliminate debilitating leadership behaviours that were undermining internal and customer engagement levels;
  • Provided a two day program to the senior executives of the largest Industrial and Commercial bank in China, who wished to broaden their effectiveness within the North American marketplace
  • Spoke to 200 business people of a major American healthcare association on how to engage and motivate staff to exceptional results
  • Provided career management training sessions to a public sector body that is heavily invested in employee development

Robert has been using the SDI since the late 1990’s, and uses the instrument in such programs as Influencing and Persuasion, Overcoming Resistance to Change, Building High Performing Teams, Strategic Communications, and Holding Difficult Conversations

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