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Leadership Development

Robert Harris, both through his work with two Executive Development arms of prominent business schools, and also his work in Canada and internationally, is very active in developing the capabilities of leaders at all levels.

Leaders are made, not born. Furthermore, we don’t need to be “designated” a leaders – it comes from others wanting to work with you and work for you. The most effective leaders cause others to feel engaged and contributing.

We are very skilled at doing front-end assessments (to establish a “ benchmark”) and then work with teams and groups, both small and large, to enhance leadership capabilities. Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and its related suite of tools, we build confidence and competence in leaders with whom we work.

Expected outcomes from our leadership programs include: (i) improved “EQ” skills – i.e., the ability to manage oneself and relate better to others (ii) improved motivation and engagement skills – i.e., the ability to integrate what matters most to others with what matters to the organization and (iii) improved conflict management skills; that is, the ability to keep maintain team cohesive and to defuse conflicts early so these don’t escalate or fester.

Please contact Robert Harris to further discuss how we can elevate leadership capabilities on your team or within your organization.