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Managing “Best Practices” In Today’s Economy

Managing and leading virtual teams:

Working remotely as part of a “virtual team” is a growing trend in today’s workplace. The MIT Sloan report identified a healthy growth with an 80% increase in “telecommunicating” employees from 2005 to 2012. Interestingly, virtual teams are more engaged and tend to log more hours, than co-located teams. But the success of virtual teams doesn’t just happen. In this presentation, Robert discusses the critical success factors that must be in place for virtual team success

Career management in the new economy

Robert Harris is a career management expert have coached and trained over 1000 professionals in transition. In this presentation, Robert explains the seven (7) keys to career management success. Robert explains how organizations can “partner” with their employees in building career success such that the organization also benefits through more engaged employees, improved retention, and better results. Robert also explains a process for “navigating your career” and the steps needed to succeed.

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