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Maximizing Personal Effectiveness

Duration: One Day

Target Audience: All Staff and managers who are coping with increased demands, decreasing resources, and increased time pressures including multiple constituents.

Purpose of Course l Learning Objectives: Duxbury and Higgins, in a study of 31,000 Canadians in 2002-03, noted a significant rise in work-life conflict, from 38% in 1991 to over 60% in 2002. The harsh reality is that, while employees are busier than ever, they are not necessarily more effective. Employee satisfaction is down while turnover and absenteeism is increasing. This program provides participants with a focus on personal and professional effectiveness, and an overall sense of well-being. We examine major contributors to employee ineffectiveness, and look at those factors within individual control that can be altered for greater overall effectiveness.

Participants will learn:

  • Current trends among the Canadian workforce
  • Primary causes of ineffectiveness, including role overload and role conflict
  • Most important values and motivators, including an assessment of how well these are being achieved both at work and outside the workplace
  • Strategies and tools for increasing personal and professional effectiveness
  • An action plan for applying after the course

Course Content / Expected Results:

  • The realities of today’s organizational life
  • Workplace trends and the impact on individual effectiveness
  • The 3 key contributors to personal ineffectiveness
  • Self assessment of key values and motivators
  • Assessing personal well being
  • “Gap analysis” — alignment of activities and values
  • Strategies and tools for enhancing personal and professional effectiveness
  • Building a 3 month action plan