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Negotiating & Influencing Skills

Negotiating & Influencing Skills

Intended Audience:

  • Any employee or manager who is required to influence, persuade, negotiate, and/or achieve consensus among diverse stakeholders and parties.
  • Applicable where individual wishes to achieve agreement and consensus among differing perspectives and needs.
  • Relevant for negotiating with both internal and external constituents.

Duration: Two Days

Methodology for Delivery: Highly interactive and experiential using a variety of cases, exercises, role plays, small problem solving groups, dialogue and practice. Flip charts, brief video, small table groups. Based on adult learning principles.

Participants will learn:

  • Learn a variety of tools, as well as a six part model to more effectively influence and negotiate with others;
  • Obtain a framework for gaining consensus and commitment;
  • Gain insight into one’s own negotiating and influencing style, as well as how to deal with typical approaches of others;
  • Learn a Strategic Influencing model when having to deliver “difficult” news that needs understanding and “buy-in”
  • Learn strategies for overcoming resistance to new initiatives and goals;
  • Learn how to prevent the escalation of conflict during negotiations;
  • Apply skills to real workplace influencing and negotiating challenges

Expected Results:

  • Enhanced knowledge of key elements contributing to influencing and negotiating effectiveness
  • Knowledge and practice negotiating contentious issues using a 6-step negotiating model
  • Insight into one’s preferred influencing approach, including how to flex one’s style appropriately to achieve required outcomes
  • Practice in using a collaborative (win-win) approach to achieve desired outcomes for all parties
  • Techniques in moving parties from resistance or compliance to commitment
  • Increased awareness of one’s impact on others and confidence in new ways to influence others