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Professional Development and Learning


Change Leadership

We have worked extensively across all levels of organizations, and staff in training employees in this vital area. Recent examples include significant change training and consulting within three provincial governments, the oil and gas industry, hospitals and healthcare agencies, pharmaceuticals, and Canadian associations.

Negotiating and Influencing

We regularly facilitate one and two day programs in the radio and television, financial services, municipal and provincial governments, hospitals, and insurance industry. The context of these programs is how to foster collaboration and get agreement and commitment to important goals and objectives.

Conflict Resolution

Our strong background in dispute resolution and mediation allows us to provide leading-edge approaches to conflict resolution, both from the perspective of the manager (who must often mediate as a 3rd party) and staff who struggle with conflict within teams, other departments, peers and colleagues. We provide this training to a variety of public and private sector organizations. Our training also allows people to examine their own approach to conflict resolution and experiment with new ways of dealing with ongoing disputes.

Career Management

We are well known in the career planning field, both as practitioners and recent authors of the Navigating Your Career self study guide. Navigating Your Career is used as the basis for one and two day workshops and has been occasionally customized to the actual client workplace. Research indicates a positive correlation between organizations that invest in this type of training, and employee satisfaction, retention, and contribution.

Human Resources and Leadership

The RHR team has a strong background both as HR professionals and in leadership roles. As a result, we provide a variety of training programs which contribute to overall HR and leadership effectiveness, including interviewing skills (both for managers and interviewees, resume writing, train-the-trainer, facilitation skills, decision making and problem solving skills, consulting skills, coaching and performance management, presentation skills, assertiveness training, team building, and strategic planning.