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Resume Writing Skills

Overview: The course provides participants with a deeper understanding of today’s approach to resume writing. Resumes have evolved considerably over the years. Historically, most people used a “chronological” resume format which listed their duties. Today, especially with the need to demonstrate transferable skills, many people prefer a “functional” resume which highlights their core competencies and helps them move beyond traditional roles and/or be “typecast” in one line of work. The reality is, there are appropriate uses of different types of resumes, that is, depending on the individual situation, differing resume formats will prove more successful for the person. This course highlights the pros and cons to different resume structures.

With the increased emphasis on behavioural and competency-based interviewing, more emphasis is being put on past accomplishments and demonstrated skills. Using a resume template, participants can build their resume throughout the day. In addition, sample resumes and action verbs will be provided to help people continue their resume development following the course. In the past, the facilitator has been open to leaving his email address in case participants wish to email him a ‘finished product” for final comments. The facilitator will also examine how to develop effective cover letters.

Intended Audience: Employees at all levels

Duration: One Day (note: can be done as ½ day when combined with ½ day Interview Skills course)

Methodology for Delivery: Highly interactive and experiential using real work place examples and actual sample resumes. Dialogue, discussion, and lots of application using a resume template. Customized to OPS environment and based on adult learning principles

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn the various resume formats including the pros and cons of each
  • Gain a deeper insight into the process of job posting/selection within the OPS including how resumes impact part of that process
  • Learn how to apply key strengths, skills and achievements to proper resume construction
  • Learn how to use assessment data in different ways, depending on the position requirements, in revising and highlighting resume information
  • Learn the most appropriate resume structures for the individual given his/her current career plan
  • Learn ways to ensure the elimination of information that could lead to biases or negative perceptions on the part of the reader
  • Learn how to write effective accomplishment statements including the use of proper action verbs
  • Learn how to formulate cover letters that are aligned both to the resume and the specific job requirements
  • Learn the proper formatting for a resume, including grammatical requirements, design and ways to make it computer-friendly
  • Apply learning to real organizational workplace needs

Expected Results:

  • A finished product in terms of a resume, or resumes, which meets the immediate and longer term needs of the participant relative to their career plan.
  • A deeper understanding of how to maintain / keep current an existing resume to facilitate the use of an effective resume from year to year
  • Increased vocabulary and wording effectiveness in terms of having powerful accomplishment statements and action verbs which reflect the core competencies of the individual
  • Confidence in what one offers in terms of “value-add” and being able to capture that on a resume
  • Enhanced knowledge of trends and techniques in resume writing
  • Sample cover letters including practice in applying to real position vacancies