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Train the Trainer

Intended Audience: Employees who are required to provide training as part of their job descriptions, or wish to improve their training skills, or are required to facilitate meetings and group presentations

Methodology for Delivery:
We use an androgogical (adult-focused) learning process in the design and delivery of project management workshops to address the different learning styles and to meet the participants’ needs for relevancy, motivation and association with what they already know. This interactive learning process includes the following steps:

Learning Goals and Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Compare pedagogical and androgogical learning processes
  • List the steps in an adult learning process
  • Understand the training cycle (needs assessment, workshop design, materials development, training delivery, evaluation and measurement)
  • Prepare training modules based on adult learning principles
  • Understand the role of a trainer in transferring learning and developing skills
  • Train others using experiential and interactive learning techniques
  • Understand the impact of various learning methodologies and know when and where to apply them
  • Present concepts and techniques effectively to others
  • Understand and apply facilitation techniques to successfully resolve on-job problems
  • Motivate participants to learn new concepts and skills

Expected Results:

  • More effective training workshops as measured on the four Kirkpatrick levels
  • Appropriate use of a variety of training methodologies within workshops
  • More motivated participants
  • Skills in dealing with difficult learning participants
  • Tools and techniques to better plan and present learning modules
  • Applications to real workplace training needs