Career Management and Coaching

Emma, I've changed this course to Internal Consulting Skills for HR Professionals. 


Whenever your role requires you to advise or influence people who are not required to take this advice, you are engaged in a form of consulting.  This interaction may be externally with clients, public officials, or other stakeholders, or internally with individuals or groups.

This learning program enables HR professionals to better understand the role of the consultant, unique differences of the internal versus external consultant, how to move from an expert role to one of partnering with other stakeholders, the various steps and stages of the consulting process, how to contract to ensure understanding and manage expectations, how to overcome resistance to change, and how to build trust and commitment with other stakeholder groups.

The course is patterned after the best-selling book, Flawless Consulting by Peter Block. On completion of this course, participants will have increased their confidence and competence in utilizing the steps, skills, and process that lead to consulting success

The course is experiential and gives participants the opportunity to apply course learning to actual HR internal and external consulting challenges and needs they encounter in their workplace.

Learning objectives include:

  • Challenges facing HR internal (and external) consultants
  • Moving up the “Strategic HR Pyramid” (“pair of hands” / expert / business partner)
  • Following a consultative process - key steps and stages of consulting
  • Demonstrating credibility and competence - how to gain entry
  • Building your value proposition – demonstrating “value-add”
  • Avoiding common internal consulting mistakes
  • Building shared commitment to solutions using the 4-Box Model
  • How to gain broader organizational support for new ideas and initiatives
  • How to quickly build rapport and trust

Expected Results:

By the end of this program, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of the consulting process
  • Insight into what consulting level they are functioning at (Expert, Pair of Hands, Partner)
  • A variety of skills which can be used throughout the consulting process including: opening well, active listening, building rapport, asking high-gain questions, dealing with difficult behaviours, problem solving, contracting, and influencing for agreement.
  • Learned how to engage others in change initiatives and goals
  • Applied course learning to real workplace HR consulting challenges
  • Increased skill in accomplishing task and projects that require HR consulting expertise

Biography on Robert Harris 

Robert Harris, B. Comm., MBA, CHRP, is president of Robert Harris Resources Inc., a company dedicated to professional development, organizational effectiveness, and leadership excellence.  

Robert started his career in western Canada in HR roles both in BC and Alberta.  

Following completion of an MBA, Robert became Manager, Staffing and Employee Relations for Baxter Corporation, a global health care provider in the throes of large-scale restructuring.  

Subsequently, Robert joined Molson Breweries as Director, Corporate Human Resources, and was on the steering committee that coordinated the merger of Molson with Carling O’Keefe Brewery.     In this role, Robert also worked regionally with HR professionals in western and eastern Canada. 

Robert then became a Partner with a national consulting firm specializing in assessment, coaching, and training.    In the 2000's, he launched Robert Harris Resources Inc.   His company works with a wide array of clients in both the public and private sectors.  

Robert has written three books, most recently Change Leadership: Inform, Involve Ignite.   Robert is on the faculty of the University of Alberta Business School and the Schulich Executive Education Centre.   He is a keynote speaker in Canada and the USA.