Change Management


Leading Change teaches the key ingredients of effective change management in a 1/2 day to full day format.   

Most "middle managers" struggle with how to implement organizational changes that were determined at higher levels of the organization.   

This course teaches a strategic 4 step process for planning, communicating and implementing change.     The focus of this course is on overcoming resistance and helping with the "human" side of change. 



The 4 Step Model used in this training was developed by Robert Harris, based on his many years’ experience leading change in both the public and private sectors.   Robert provides a detailed explanation of how to use this tool in chapter 4 of his book, “Change Leadership: Inform, Involve, Ignite!”     This is provided at the course. 

Participants learn the critical elements that determine change success, based on the research.   More importantly, their learning sticks because they are applying these elements to real change. In their workplace.     

In Leading Change, participants learn:

  • How to build (not fabricate) a compelling ‘burning platform” that provides clarity on why the change is absolutely necessary and the downside risks or costs of not changing;
  • How to identify and present the key ‘blockers’ (i.e., challenges, concerns) that are keeping stakeholders from supporting the change. We demonstrate a way to present these concerns in a transparent, safe way that also includes providing options and other forms of support to reduce the negative impact of these concerns;
  • How to reinforce not only what is changing, but also what is staying the same – i.e., those things that employees and other stakeholders value and want to see preserved 
  • How to launch (communicate) the change in a way that engages, and builds trust and commitment versus hyping the change in a way the breeds cynicism and distrust;
  • How to get input and involvement from key stakeholders to increase the likelihood of change success;
  • Who should be involved in communication, including a structured format to provide effective communications;
  • How to reboot a change that has not fared well.  

Biography on Robert Harris

Robert Harris, B. Comm., MBA, CHRP, is president of Robert Harris Resources Inc., a company dedicated to professional development, organizational  and team effectiveness, and leadership excellence.  

Following completion of an MBA, Robert became Manager, Staffing and Employee Relations for Baxter Corporation, a global health care provider in the throes of large-scale restructuring.  

Subsequently, Robert joined Molson Breweries as Director, Corporate Human Resources, and was on the steering committee that coordinated the merger of Molson with Carling O’Keefe Brewery.     

He then became a Partner with a national consulting firm specializing in assessment, coaching, training, and leadership development.    

In the early 2000’s,  he launched Robert Harris Resources Inc. and has continued to provide professional services throughout North America.

Robert has written three books, most recently Change Leadership: Inform, Involve Ignite.   He is on the faculty of two business schools and is a keynote speaker in Canada and the USA.  

Note:  You can reach Robert directly at (905) 466-3083 or at