Interest-Based Negotiating

Overview:       Today, more so than ever, people tend to be polarized and positional.   The ability to find ways to accommodate and compromise, as a means of getting one's goals met, is in short supply. 

Instead people become "gridlocked" in their ability to work with others in getting things done.   Influencing others and getting agreement can be difficult, but is a learnable skill and process.   

When people resort to their own instincts in negotiating, they often operate one of two ways, neither of which is effective.   

When people “overdo” power and authority, they may temporarily get their way but damage relationships in the process.  Furthermore, the follow-up can prove more difficult as others are still reeling from the previous encounter.

If people focus on harmony and accommodating others, they usually get the short end of a deal or compromise on their own important business goals and objectives.  

Relationships are always important, but must also be supported by effective influencing and negotiating skills and tactics, especially when being pressured by others.

Negotiating for Results is a course that teaches participants how to follow an interest-based process, while still being adept at using power effectively, to ensure that goals are achieved and longer term relationships preserved.  

Participants learn skills, strategies, and new behaviours to influence others and achieve better outcomes. 

The facilitator provides practical tools and templates that can be used prior to (to plan), during, and as a follow-up to an important meeting.   These tools will be applied to real  negotiating and influencing situations that are experienced at work.  

This course is ideal for supervisors, managers, and team leads who must foster collaboration to get results..  

Learning Objectives:    Participants will learn:

  • How to get agreement on difficult issues or workplace needs where two or more parties disagree on what is required
  • How to influence others in order to secure the commitment and deliverables needed for you to properly achieve your goals
  •  The 3 primary ways to influence others (Power/Rights/Interests) as well as when you would and wouldn’t use these strategies. 
  • An “interest-based” approach to negotiating and influencing with others.
  • An influencing “toolkit” which teaches tools ranging in strength from “gentle” to “strong” depending on the situation.
  • How to negotiate past barriers and help both parties get “unstuck”
  • Applications of all tools and techniques to actual workplace challenges

Method of Instruction:  The workshop in highly interactive and engaging, based on adult learning principles, and uses a variety of exercises and actual workplace scenarios to ensure job relevance.