Strategic Influencing

Course Overview – Strategic Influencing (Influence Without Authority)


Have you ever been frustrated that your expertise and advice is not being followed?

Do you find it difficult to influence or even relate to individuals who aggressively pursue their own agenda?

Is the achievement of your goals and objectives being hindered by other managers and clients who do not follow through on their commitments?

If these are some of the situations you face; this course provides very relevant learning.   

The reality is, true leadership comes from getting the commitment of others, versus mandating compliance.   Today's business world is all about influence.  

In Strategic Influencing, we explore how to improve relationships with executives, colleagues and clients, increase trust and credibility with key decision makers, and move from being an ‘after thought' to a true business partner. 

Participants learn practical tools and a structured process to overcome resistance to change, hold difficult conversations, and gain commitment.  A variety of influencing tools and techniques are taught and then applied to actual workplace needs and challenges.

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this program, participants will have learned:

  • The 3 primary ways to influence others (Power/Rights/Interests) as well as when and how to most effectively use these 3 strategies.
  • A 4 step strategic influencing model (4 Box Model) which is applied to actual workplace influencing challenges.
  • An influencing “toolkit” which provides seven (7) influencing communication tools that vary from “gentle” to “strong” depending on the situation and need.
  • A process (PODS) for holding difficult conversations with managers and internal clients who have not complied with or followed through on agreed-to practices.
  • Applications of all tools and techniques to actual workplace challenges
  • An action plan for applying back on the job

* Note: In an expanded program, we also use a relationship tool (SDI) to explore the core motivations and values of others, as well as how to “flex” one’s approach to ensure buy-in and commitment to important goals and objectives.

Intended Audience: This program is useful for any  business professional who requires the cooperation and commitment of managers and clients to achieve business results.  This could include IT, HR, Procurement, Customer Service, as well as project managers, advisors, and staff/technical roles. 

Method of Instruction: The workshop is highly interactive and uses a variety of exercises and actual workplace scenarios to ensure job relevance.

Duration: One day or two ½ days (can be done in virtual format) 

Biography on Robert Harris

Robert Harris, B. Comm., MBA, CHRP, is president of Robert Harris Resources Inc., a company dedicated to professional development, organizational effectiveness, and leadership excellence.  

Following completion of an MBA, Robert became Manager, Staffing and Employee Relations for Baxter Corporation, a global health care provider in the throes of large-scale restructuring.  

Subsequently, Robert joined Molson Breweries as Director, Corporate Human Resources, and was on the steering committee that coordinated the merger of Molson with Carling O’Keefe Brewery.     In this role, Robert also worked regionally with HR professionals in western and eastern Canada. 

Robert then became a Partner with a national consulting firm specializing in coaching, and leadership development with lead Robert to launch Robert Harris Resources Inc., a boutique consulting and training organization focused on learning and leadership development.  

Robert works in both Canada and the USA with a wide array of clients across a number of industry sectors; primarily high technology, software development, manufacturing, and healthcare.  

Robert has written three books, most recently Change Leadership: Inform, Involve Ignite and is a frequent contributor to the business press. 

Robert is on the faculty of two business schools and is a keynote speaker in Canada and the USA.